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A CONVERSATION... Bourne Morris: From Mad Men to Bad Men
 Aired: 02/20/2015 | 26:48 | Rating: NR University professor (and former magazine and ad writer) Bourne Morris retired to write fiction, but her past haunted her. Her mystery, The Red Queen’s Run, is based upon university politics, discord—and murder. Host Brent Boynton talks with Morris about her bold new novel and the past that prepared her for this challenge.


Local Professor Turned Author Releases Her First Novel

Aired: 12/05/2014 | 5:17 PM CST | NR

By Erin Breen  KTVN

To a writer, the only thing better than sitting by the fire reading a novel would be sitting by the fire reading your own novel. And Bourne Morris was able to do that today. She's always dreamed of writing.


"When I was just out of college I started writing fiction and quickly realized I'd probably starve to death trying to make that work," she says. "So I spent 25 years in advertising and another 26 teaching at UNR. It was while I was teaching there that the Red Queen's Run came to me.


She says it's not set on the UNR campus. It's actually set on a mythical fictitious campus an hour from Reno, an hour from Carson City and an hour from Lake Tahoe.

"So you figure it out," she says with a laugh. "And none of the characters in the story are real or based on colleagues dead or alive," she adds.


Except the dog, Charlie. Which real and based on her own golden retriever, Charlie.

"Charlie is very important to the protagonist and when she falls in love with the detective in the story the detective becomes a big part of Charlie's life."


The Red Queen's Run is the first book in a trilogy. And she's currently spending about five hours a day writing the next two.


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